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I Actually Put Up a Lousy Humans website!

I told a Facebook group called "Accountable Artists" that I planned to put this website up by Thursday March 26th.

Definitely had one of my friends who knows me well respond with a "laugh" react.

And why wouldn't he? I said that I was going to get a Lousy Humans website up five years ago when I first started using Lousy Humans as my production moniker. Even my life coach was like, "I won't push her on this." Because here is a short list of things that I have done instead of putting together this website in 2015.

* Watched four seasons of Supernatural. Nobody made me do that.

* Moved everything out of my room and then brought it all back again. Someone did make me do that.

* Walked around Dupont Circle in an alligator onesie. Nobody made me do that either.

* Traveled to Thailand on money I didn't have.

* Traveled to Iceland on money I did have. Thank you, bartending.

* Performed in the 2018 She-Devil Comedy Festival.

* Started up a stand-up open mic in Ivy City.

* Listened to the entirety of the "Love & Radio" podcast.

* Determined my Top 100 albums of the 2010s.

* Lived with nine people and five cats.

* Watched the US Women's National Soccer Team win two World Cups.

* Started and maintained a relationship with my girlfriend -- four years ago.

* Lost 20+ lbs. I probably gained a solid chunk of that in that time, too.

* Started bartending.

* Stopped bartending because the coronavirus has become a pandemic.

So, on that note, I have a website now. I probably won't be producing shows for awhile, but I'll be putting up online content for you. Welcome to Lousy Humans Media.

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